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Why Ata Teknik ?

Ata Teknik, aiming to be leading company at hvac and ventilation duct cleaning industry , having the principle of working in a structure that continuously proceeds and grows and prioritizing the customer satisfaction since its establishment, continues to work with the same belief in order to be a value of the developing Turkey..

Ata Teknik has achieved to be a preferred company for ventilation cleaning, with the experience and knowledge obtained as the result of the services provided to the giant customers both in Turkey and abroad.



Ata Teknik is a perfect solution partner that knows the most suitable cleaning method in line to the ventilation cleaning needed, plan in the most rational way and gives trust to the organization whom it serves.



The expert technicians of Ata Teknik know where to look and what to look for. The services responsible who will carry out the preliminary examination as each of the project executives are professionals who are very good at their jobs. They create alternative projects for cleaning the indoor air depending on the characteristics of the facility.



Ata Teknik professionals know that the time is expensive and prepare the best work schedule for completing the ventilation cleaning work you need in the shortest period possible.



Ata Teknik, serving all around Turkey, arrives to your location as soon as possible for making preliminary examination and cleaning schedule. Call without delay.