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Hvac / Ventilation Duct Cleaning


In my buildings galvanized sheet metal air ducts as well as the elements such as fan-coil, damper, diffusor, boxed anemostad, outlet and etc. in the system are installed without considering the dismantling possibility due to structural or aesthetic reasons in the future. In this case, the system can be effectively cleaned by HVAC robot. With the ventilation duct cleaning robot programed for cleaning the dirt inside the system, while the HVAC systems are cleaned, the pollution is removed from the system safely. The robot must be operated under negative pressure and its filters must be hepa filter for protecting the air quality of the working area. It must have the technology enabling operation in different duct types. The robot applications are under guarantee as the robot does not damage the entire duct system and the connection parts and it is rapid and designed for this purpose only.

Another method is the mechanical cleaning to be carried out with traditional ways. Mechanical cleaning is mainly used for industrial air duct cleaning.


Any method that is capable of making the visual cleaning of the serpentines and obtaining the serpentine cleaning approval (NADCA standards) can be used. Depending on the quality and quantity of the pollution, special foam cleaning agents as well as air or water in sufficient pressure can also be used. The discharges of the serpentines must be cleaned in the same way and subjected to surface cleaning approval.


Although the physical cleaning of the HVAC systems is mad though the mechanical cleaning, biological cleaning may be required at some sensitive areas. In such case, if it is certain that there are self-renewing microbial contaminations, it is required to use disinfection method for achieving the desired result.


•    Housing is duct cleaning  
•    Conventional air duct cleaning (banks, plaza, hospital, ships, airport, residence, hotel, shopping centre and other places)
•    Industrial air duct cleaning (textile, printing, food, medical, medicine, plastic, automotive and many other industries)